Hey, my name’s Michaella!

I am currently living in Atlanta but am also in Detroit frequently & love to travel to New York & California often! I’m always ready to hop in a car or on a plane to travel!

My passion for what I do is huge.  Like giddy school girl crush huge.

I believe great work comes from great connections. No two people are the same, therefore I don’t believe in a “one model fits all” kind of view. Everyone has their own unique story, and my goal is to bring the little beautiful moments to life that make you unique, and give you something you can cherish forever.

My style is organic, non traditional, natural, moody, and full of passion.  I believe in capturing real moments – those intimate, beautiful, raw moments that are so unique to you.  The butterflies, the tears, the moments that you’ll look back on 30 years from now & be able to feel the same feelings you did in the photograph.

Photography is my heart, but I also really love doing a lot of other things too.  I have my BFA in Graphic Design & am also a graphic designer + videographer.  I love getting to work in several creative mediums because everything I do is constantly influencing my other work + making it better.  You can check out some of my other work here .

I hope you find inspiration and uniqueness in my work; it would be an honor to have the privilege of telling your story.


So hey, what do you think? Let’s make some magic together.