Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA / Detroit, MI but am always traveling & ready to hop in a car or on a plane!

Do you travel / what are your travel fees?

Yes! I love to travel & up to travel just about anywhere domestic & internationally!  All I ask is that you help get me there & pay for somewhere for me to stay & we’re good to go! However I offer discounts/ will travel FOR FREE depending on where your wedding/elopement is! Email me & we’ll make it happen.

What do we need to do to book with you?

I required a 30% deposit (which comes out of the total cost) with the signing of a contract (so we can secure your date & protect both of us) & then it will be official!

When will we receive our images? 

I will send you a few preview images via an online gallery of about 100-200 images 2-3 weeks after your wedding. Because of the extensive editing to every single one of your photos and time taken to give you the best, most amazing images possible, the rest of your photos will be delivered 6-9 weeks after the wedding date. For portrait sessions the photos will be delivered back to you between 1-3 weeks!

How many pictures will be taken?

Every wedding is different & of course it depends on how long I’m there for, but typically I deliver between 500-800+ photos from your day! For portrait sessions, you’ll get around 100-300 photos back!

Can we see the RAW files?

Nope – I promise you’ll get more than enough photos back & you don’t want to see all of the raw files.  That would be like giving back a painting half done! Editing is half of the process and is what makes my work unique.  I promise I’ll give you back all of the photos that are good!

Can we share our photos online?

Yes, of course! Please do!  Bonus points for tagging me in your photos/ giving photo credit.  Helps me to continue doing what I do & reaching more couples! 🙂

Do we have printing rights?

Yes!  Photos online are great, but something magical & wonderful happens when photographs become tangible memories.  Through the galleries you’ll receive you can order prints from a professional printing lab that will print your photos with the best coloring & quality possible.  You are totally free to print your photos wherever else you want – however they might not come out looking like they do on the computer if you print them out at a drugstore!

How do we receive our photos?

All of your high resolution digital images will be hosted in an online gallery, available for you to download and share with all of your friends and family.  Anyone you share the gallery link with will have access to download & share the photos as well!  It’s a great way to easily share your photos with all of your guests 🙂

Do you have insurance? 

Yes!  If your venue requires proof of insurance let me know & I can take care of that!

What are your packages and rates? Let’s do this thing!

While I do have base rates – I totally understand that every couple & every wedding/session is so different.  I’m always happy to create a custom package that is perfect for you! Shoot me an email & I’ll send you my current packages & rates & we can make it happen!